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And today we will take you to meet the rules

 In playing the lottery B is a form of gambling that is written. By using the lottery method of the Chinese people to modify from writing Chinese people’s signboard and names of Chinese characters into Thai characters Use Thai consonants from A to Z

 By cutting some numbers to just 36 characters and writing the names of the ancient Chinese people with Thai characters as well,

such as the three lottery numbers of the ฃ Chiam Guek Khamha Tang ฅ Meng Chu Jig Yusua and Because of the Thai script written on this sign

So called the lottery A, players will buy the lottery from the clerks that are sold in various places, with the possibility of issuing lottery receipts which contain text about letters or numbers stabbed on the date, month and year, and Lottery time

 Including the amount of money bet and the prize to be received The clerk wrote that was “Chit”. The correct bettor will receive 30 times the prize amount.

 If anyone is already a lottery fan, then you shouldn’t miss a lottery lottery B because it’s easy to play. Like playing games But there is a chance that it will be brought up.

Play equipment

There are 34 lottery numbers or numbers that will be used to bet (there are 44 Thai consonants, except for just 10 characters that are not defined as a bet, namely lien, phat and Fri. The remaining characters are stabbing. Can play lottery tickets)

A. Dealer (royal) or the bidder Or servants
B. The general public, including foreigners
How to play

  • The bettor will bet the letter that he wants to bet to the clerk (broker) as well as the current lottery sales agent By making payment and receiving the end of the lottery terminal
  • (In the olden days, lotteries were allowed 2 times a day, morning and evening.) Before the deadline, lottery vendors would bring stub with money to send to the lord

To check the number of bookmakers
Say that you should not miss playing the lottery B because there are a lot of winning prizes. Importantly, playing through the website is easy to play for real money. ufabet

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